Hydrosols, also called "hydrolates", "essential waters", or "plant waters" are solutions of distilled plant material. They are water-based medicine, full of antioxidants that help protect from environmental pollutants, restore PH balance and tone, and fortify the skin with nutrients and deep hydration. Hydrosols are safe and potent treatments for all manners of skin issues, with an added element of natural magic.

At SOiL, we produce small-batch, fresh-plant, low-temperature hydrosols in copper alembic stills to ensure the safe transfer of each plant's aromatic and therapeutic properties. In addition to each of our hydrosols' specific topical benefits, we believe the essential waters remember the innate intelligence of the plants into our dark crevices, delivering light to the soul!

Use them whenever you like to enjoy the gentle goodness hydrosols bring to Body, Mind, and Spirit!