Blue Tansy Eye Oil
Blue Tansy Eye Oil

Blue Tansy Eye Oil

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*This happiness-in-a-bottle is a combination of Blue Tansy and therapeutic oils that gently relieve inflammation, restore brightness, and brings calm to delicate, stressed skin.


When starting to dream of the Blue Tansy Eye Oil, I envisioned a highly effective product that was also easily portable. Something I could throw in a bag or put in my pocket and use whenever needed and not have to be home to benefit. Whether out and about, in my gardens, or lying in my comfy bed, I wanted to be able to have my new, soothing friend, contained in an easy-to-apply roller bottle, close-by.

After months of research, formulation, and experimentation, it became evident that the headliner for this new formula had to be Blue Tansy. It was perfect! It's excellent for sensitive, delicate skin and treats a long list of skin issues from environmental damage to eczema. This plant is ideal for bringing extra nourishment and healing while also being very gentle. There's no doubt that this sweet herb contains powerful medicine, and we can thank the active constituent Chamazulene for the majority of this. This compound is a potent antioxidant, possessing anti-inflammatory properties, and is responsible for the plant's essential oil's fabulous blue hue. This dreamy-colored oil is known to calm both the skin and spirit, release anger, reduce anxiety, and generally help you feel more in your natural flow. Ahhh, YES, I'll take all of that.

After finding the shining star for my new product, I decided to complete the Formula with Rosehip and herbal infused Olive Oils. These nutrient-dense, therapeutic oils are perfect carriers for Blue Tansy. They allow this health-giving plant to be deeply absorbed into the skin tissues while bringing along their own medicinal properties. This powerful combination of ingredients makes for a decadently healing product. One that nourishes the delicate eye area brightens the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and scarring, soothes irritation, and fights free radical damage, therefore helping to prevent premature aging. And this is just the beginning.

I LOVE using this Eye Oil throughout the day when our dry wintry climate here in the Appalachian Mountains starts to take its toll and each night before I go to sleep to provide that extra protection from the heat-infused air. In the summertime, it's a must that I keep a bottle of this yumminess in my gardening overalls because of its ability to calm my hot, sun-drenched skin. Being able to reach for my beloved roller bottle anywhere and use it anytime(and not even needing clean hands) allows me to provide that extra bit of love to those dry, delicate areas whenever they need it most.

Now it's been five years since this roll-on goodness was born, and I can't imagine leaving my house without it. It has brought calm and healing to my loved ones and me, and now I am so excited to be able to offer it to even more folks. I sincerely hope that if you use this product, you can feel the plant medicine and love contained, and it brings as much well-being to your skin and daily routine as it has mine.